Monday, 23 July 2012

Dead Heat In No Mean City

Ladies, gentleman and others, Welcome to Malifaux, where a battle is being raged for the very soul of the world, and you sir, madam or thing, are invited to stake a claim and play your part in the future of the city...

 Dead Heat is a worldwide Malifaux campaign that will decide the fate of the city(and the winning faction gets a henchman resculpt!)

 Dead Heat in No Mean City is the slightly more murderous and Scottish twist on the eight week achievement league in which you can participate as much or as little as you like and still have a chance at some goodies, whilst getting a chance to start, grow or revisit your malifaux collection.

 The Glasgow Games Group ( G3 ) league is called the Northern Winds League.

 The Spellbound Games one is called the Southern Wastes League.

Each player can only be registered for one league, but can play people from the other league for bonus points.

The culmination of the two will be a TBA one day special event in which even better prizes can be won, glory achieved and fun had. Entering could not be simpler, simply download the linked PDF, send me a message either here on the Wyrd Forums stating your real life name, forum name. which league your are registering for and which faction you will be using.
 The best part? It's FREE TO ENTER! You get points and glory for playing a game you would have played anyway! (prizes are going to based on the total number entered, so will be announced later).

 Any questions or queries please get in touch!

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